Volunteer Opportunities

The lifestyle as a sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon does not end with graduation. Alpha Omega Epsilon offers its members many opportunities to stay connected with the Sorority and many ways to continue to promote "friendship, leadership and professionalism". Joining a committee or becoming an Alumna Advisor is one of the many great ways to stay in contact with Alpha Omega Epsilon.

Committees are organized under each of the International Executive Board officers. Committees offer a wide range of involvement and responsibilities and allow you to work along side fellow sisters! To learn more about a specific committee, please contact the overseeing IEB officer.

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President Committees


This volunteer position is responsible for organizing and hosting the International Convention that takes place once a year. This chair is overseen by the IEB President. Responsibilities include planning, organizing, advertising, hosting and attending all Convention activities. To contact this committee please email convention@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Programming :

The programming committee is a committee charted with the responsibilities with organizing and overseeing Sorority-sponsored programs to fulfill the mission statement of the Sorority. Members of this committee work with dispersed groups and gather feedback to develop programs that meet international audiences. To contact this committee please email iebpres@alphaomegaepsilon.org.


Treasurer Committees

Financial Activities:

This committee is in charge of creating and managing the Sorority's budget, proposing fund raising events, and researching potential financial issues such as taxes and investments. To contact this committee please email iebtreas@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Promissory Note:

The responsibilities of this committee include maintaining the promissory note database, notifying new alumnae of the promissory note responsibility and developing payment plans to meet the needs of alumnae. To contact this committee please emailpromissory@alphaomegaepsilon.org.


Director of Expansion Committees


The duties of the Expansion Committee include researching potential schools for chapter growth, delivering information sessions to interested parties, assisting colonies achieve chapter status and representing the Sorority to interested groups. To contact this committee please emailexpansion@alphaomegaepsilon.org.


Director of Publications Committees


The Merchandise Committee is responsible for approving chapter merchandise designs, maintaining the publications policy, and overseeing vendor licensing. Members will correspond with chapters to faciliate approvals and answer questions regarding merchandise. To contact this committee please emailmerchandise@alphaomegaepsilon.org.


The Newsletter Committee is dedicating to publishing the Angle newsletter twice yearly and sending e-newsletters to sisters. Members are responsible for sourcing articles, article idea generation and mailing list maintenance. To contact this committee please email angle@alphaomegaepsilon.org.


This committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the international website, updating the sister contact database and communicating information electronically. To contact this committee please emailwebmaster@alphaomegaepsilon.org.


Vice President Committees


This committee reviews and approves all changes to the international constitution and bylaws as well as the chapters bylaws. In addition, this committee is the Robert's Rules of Order expert for the sorority and leads the proposal discussion sessions at convention. To contact this committee please email judiciary@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Degree Recognition:

This committee evaluates the majors of potential members and Foundation scholarship applicants and provides recommendations to the Foundation and IEB. To contact this committee please email degree@alphaomegaepsilon.org.


This committee takes point to coordinate efforts surrounding IEB elections every year. Responsibilities include gathering election candidates, publicizing the elections and coordinating election activities at Convention. To contact this committee please email elections@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Special Projects:

The following are special projects currently being led by the Vice President. To contact the Vice President about these opportunities please email iebvp@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Preparing International bylaw proposals
Volunteers are needed to help review bylaw proposals that may contradict the International governing documents before sending them to the Judiciary committee. (Example: A proposed change must include changes to ALL sections that reference that topic)
Volunteers must be well versed in the International governing documents.
Volunteers can be Active or Alumna. Time committment is approximately 10 hours over the next year.

Chapter Bylaws Audits
Volunteers are needed to review Chapter bylaws for Risk Management issues and missing sections.
Volunteers would include Alumnae Advisors, Alumnae from a specific chapter, or Alumnae looking to learn more about bylaws and eventually wanting to become Alumnae Advisors. Time committement is approximately 1 hour per chapter.

Colony Templates
Volunteers are needed to help create a template for colony bylaws that is not a copy/paste template. Template would include section headers and mulitple ideas to show how chapters can vary in structure.
Volunteers can be Active or Alumna.

Graduate DRC Policy and criteria
Volunteers are needed to research the benefits of graduate active sisters and help draft a policy to allow graduate membership.
Volunteers can be Active or Alumna.

Inter-Chapter Relations Committees


Regional and Alumnae Advisors are not in committee structure but operate as individual responsibilities. These advisors assist with undergraduate chapter duties and liaise between the chapters and the Inter Chapter Relations officer. To volunteer please email iebicr@alphaomegaepsilon.org

Education Ambassadors:

Education Ambassadors will be training to teach the key educational topics that affect our chapters. They will identify and create presentations to give to chapters to keep continually educating our active members throughout their membership. To volunteer please email iebicr@alphaomegaepsilon.org


Secretary Committees

Risk Management:

This committee reviews and updates the risk management policy as needed and develops programs to help chapters better understand the policy. It is also this committee's duty to keep record of all signed risk management policies. To contact this committee please email risk@alphaomegaepsilon.org.


This committee is dedicated to maintaining and updating all official documents including policies, procedures, and standard forms. The Documentation Committee also tracks the manuals for the colonies, chapters and IEB. To contact this committee please emaildocumentation@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Chapter Audit:

This committee performs the audit process for the active undergraduate chapters ensuring each chapter has the appropriate documentation and is aware of existing policies and procedures. Additionally, this committee makes sure the audit process is followed and updated as needed. To contact this committee please emailiebsec@alphaomegaepsilon.org.


This committee collects items for permanent historical records, takes pictures at international events and reviews and incorporates active undergraduate chapter family trees. To contact this committee please email historian@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Alumnae Relations Officer Committees

Alumnae Activities:

This committee is responsible for contacting and tracking alumnae social groups on a bi-yearly basis. Additional responsibilities include maintaining alumnae contact information, updating alumnae information with new graduates and coordinating alumnae vacation ideas. To contact this committee please email alumnaeactivities@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Alumnae News:

This committee provides a great opportunity to help update publications sent to the alumnae. The responsibilities of this committee include compiling news and achievements from alumnae, submitting alumnae related articles to the yearly newsletter, and maintaining the alumnae web pages. To contact this committee please email alumnaenews@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Member Relations:

This committee is responsible for the distribution of graduation packets that are provided for each graduating sister. This committee is also owner of the alumnae member database. To contact this committee please email memberrelations@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Volunteer Coordination:

This committee is dedicated to soliciting interest from alumnae in volunteering. Additional responsibilities include maintaining volunteer contact information and volunteer hours, obtaining feedback on volunteer projects and activities, and coordinating plans for the service award. To contact this committee please email volunteercoordination@alphaomegaepsilon.org.

Database Management:

This committee is responsible for contacting all our members and reminding them to update their contact information in the database. After the database is more up to date the workload will decrease and the committee will focus on maintaining the accuracy of the database instead of completing a huge overhaul of the database like we are doing right now. To contact this committee please email database@alphaomegaepsilon.org.